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WRITE-IN Trevor Quirk for County Supervisor District 1

Average economic growth over the past four years rounds to 0%, the worst four-year period for which we have data.”

“Whether you look to jobs or GDP, the state of the Ventura County economy is weak.”

“One year ago, we used this space to plead with local policy makers to treat the year’ shocking economic growth numbers as a wake up call. “

Source: 2018, California Lutheran University, Center for Economic Research & Forecasting

One year after the pleading, the bleeding continues. Ventura’s economy is still crashing. We’ve experienced 5 straight years of negative economic growth, 4 of them on my opponent’s watch.

We are better than this. It’s time to manage our natural resources, like our River, responsibly. It is a natural treasure and should be used, just like it was before we got here, to connect our communities, not as a political weapon to divide them